You do not need monitoring in these cases:

  • You use shared hosting;
  • You would not like to know whether your site live or not;
  • If your site will down for several hour or days it does not matter for your business;
  • If you do not afraid were your site hacked and sending a lot of SPAM;
  • It does not matter whether Google decrease rating of your site;
  • You do not have a site.

There are five reasons why monitor your website, blog or online store is a good idea.

1. Good image of your business

Frequent downtime issues can jeopardize the reputation of your online business. Monitoring your website is the best way to prevent these unwanted threats and protect the image of your business.

2. Make your customers happy

You need to focus on keeping your customers happy. However, in case the downtime issue is unresolved for a long time, then chances are quite likely your customers will tend to make a move. Your competitor is only a click away.

3. Preventing losing sales

Frequent downtime issues can lead to lost sales. For online stores and e-commerce ensuring website, uptime is vital.

4. Google detests downtime issues.

If your website has constant downtime issues for one or more days even hours, then it can suffer a huge setback in how your site is ranked by Google in its search results. Your search ranking is affected by both downtime and the speed of your website.

5. Detecting hackers fast

If your site suddenly start to respond too long and the number of active visitors as usual and your developer did not release new code most probably you have a hardware issue or a hack issue. However, website monitoring can keep you on these issues fast. It informs by email about high server load or memory usage or abnormally long response time or suddenly highly growing mail queue or network traffic.